Friday, August 15, 2008

Having fun Yet!!

Its been a while since I added to the Blog... Lots has happened since then.. I left the land of the Moron and went to work for the Big Storage Company... - Great Move by the way..
I am learning that over government is broken and needs a major shake up... I am learning that Being far removed from the Morons is a good thing..

I also found that I really like working for Big companies.. - Never again will I work for a small "Family owned Company..

So for all of my Friends still working for the morons... I Strongly suggest you get out of there... The real world is more fun...

I will be updating this more and more over the next few weeks... Blogging is good


honeykbee said...

Here's to an extended moron-free existence! Cheers!

toprightcorner said...

Still working in the land of morons. Great read, never knew it was so bad for you.