Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some Say good by but Others say hello

So As my time comes to and end with the morons lets take some of the important lessons I have learned and put them to good use.
1. Never work for a CIO who looks like the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert.. - he just might be the Pointy Haired boss from Dilbert.
2. Don't ever expect to make a posititive change in place that doesn't embrace innovation.
3. Don't think b/c you are going to work for a High-Tech firm they understand Technology.
4. Don't expect the CIO (AKA pointy haired Boss) to understand anything you tell him.
5. Do Expect to repeat yourself at least 22 times before your message is understood
6. Do Expect said message (see #5) to get ignored.
7. Do expect it to be a crisis when Said message (see #5) come true and the pointy haired boss forgot that you told him said message (see #5.