Friday, May 9, 2008

Gone baby Gone..

So Today is my last day with the morons.. I can't say that I am sad to say good bye...

The last two years have been a forgetable experience for me.. I am the type of person who like to get stuff done and try my best to keep my management up to date on issues and problems..

But when you mgt decides to ignore you and really should not be in the role they are in... It just doesn't work... I guess being called a broken record and a troublemaker for telling it like it is and delivering the truth is a bad thing..

I might get in trouble for this line, but I really don't understand the Indian Culture.. I am happy I never will have too...

So all I can say is these clowns really make it tough to do your job and really don't understand and embrace technology..

I can say this.. The Land of the moron has some good people, but until they get rid of the current Mgt they will never chnage..

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