Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WOW Can we say Fashion Pain??

So N and I went up to the Fredneck county Fair this evening.. Of course the big draw was the world of Fredneck Maryland.. I am being to think its the land that time forgot. All I can say wow.. Some people need to understand that we don't want to see their guts hang out of their 1/2 shirts and over the top of thier pants..

Other than that it was a fair yeahaw.... Good eats and well Rednecks.. its all good up this way...

Today was not a good day for the 5 series... It was back into or hit the parking lot in McLean, not sure what happend and then I hit a ground hog on I-70 go figure...

Megan is doing fine and seems to be feeling better so the Meatball is almost back to her pain in the neck self..


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